ISCL is gathering together, teachers who not only teach in their respective local schools or churches, but who would be available upon contact to teach courses they have authored in your local church. The teachers have worked in the trenches of both the local church and in degree granting Bible Colleges thereby carrying not only the wisdom of the subjects they teach, but, practical applicable experience. Being men of the Spirit as well as the Word, they carry a unique anointing and presentation that not only breathes new life into the old, but causes scripture to come alive. 


Dr Wm. J. Hurst has written over 60 of the college courses and teaches them in an open class style that invites questions and discussion. Often in the class room insight will be given and unique application  that will ingrain the truth into the heart of the hungry student. 
Dr. Hust travels extensively especially along the Eastern Seaboard and into Ontario Canada ministering in services as well as doing intensives of the courses he has written. He may be contacted through the contact information on this site as well as through his personal ministry site.

Dr Edward Bez, is the founder and a former president of ISCL. His unique teaching style and emphasis keeps the students engaged and interested in the material being taught. Teaching a variety of subjects and head of  a daughter school, Quest Bible Institute, as well as associate minister at The Church at Covington. 

Dr Bez and his wife also travel in ministry and would be able to do intensives as well. 

Dr Ron Morin is currently the Founder and Leader of The Church Planter Institute at The Church Planters' Institute in Suite 208 at our Office at; 2386 Haines Road, Mississauga L4Y 1Y6. His experience in the classroom where he taught Theology and Church History has given him invaluable classroom experience. His unique sense of humor and experience on the mission field have also equipped him for his current love, church planting. Having successfully planted churches in South America and Canada allows him to bring practical experience to the student with an approach that is tried and proven.  In speaking with him, he expressed his desire to finish his days in service to the Lord as one who would teach Church Planting and plant churches.  We are proud to add Dr. Ron to our capable staff of teachers. His contact information may be obtained through the following link. 

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