The statement of Faith of the Institute for Strategic  Christian Leadership was developed on a broad base of the basic tenets of the Christian Faith, in order to be able to help pastors and ministries train leaders.  The purpose of the tenets of faith is to lay a foundation upon which relationships can be developed and the Body of Christ built.

Statement of Faith
The Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership

Section 1: Statement of Faith

The Board of Regents and Faculty of the Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership (hereafter identified as ISCL or "the Instituteā€) identifies with the evangelical movement within Christianity appreciating the present work of the Holy Spirit in Christendom and culture and is committed to teach and defend the Historic Orthodox Faith. They also subscribe to the following

    Statement of Biblical Doctrines:

1.    The verbal inspiration of the Holy Scriptures as originally given.
2.    The existence and manifestation of one God in three persons - Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
3.    The incarnation and virgin birth of the Son of God.
4.    The redemption of man by the vicarious death of Christ on the cross.
5.    The bodily resurrection from the grave.
6.    The belief that all have sinned and consequently must be regenerated by the working of God's grace.
7.    The confidence in justification by faith.    
8.    The sanctifying works of the Holy Spirit producing holiness of life and power for service.
9.    Practical faith in the sufficiency of Christ for spiritual, temporal, and physical needs.
10.    The steadfast confidence and hope in the supreme sovereignty of Christ and the ultimate establishment of His Kingdom.
11.    The preaching of the gospel to all mankind that men may be saved from eternal judgment and brought into the covenant of eternal life.
12.    The body of Christ is the hand of God extended for healing, reconciliation, preservation, and conveyance of eternal truth.
13.     We believe in the literal bodily return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the coming Kingdom of God on the earth.

Section 2: Mission of the Institute

The mission of ISCL shall be for the sole and express purpose of glorifying God and His Son Jesus Christ through the operation of a Christian Post-Secondary institution dedicated to the education of students in spiritual maturity, academic excellence, and physical wholeness. Furthermore, the Institute shall seek to establish a climate of free scholastic inquiry; provide direction whereby students may learn of God's revealed truths; and develop Christian leaders and professionals who shall have high ethical and moral standards and be responsive to God's Word and Spirit. 

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