God has caused The Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership to be developed with a flexibility that will allow it to adapt its courses and structure to help build the vision of the local assembly.

This approach means that the leaders being trained are developed in the light of the vision for the local assembly and thereby increasing its life, power and vision.

In today's busy world, when many are striving to become like other churches, men of vision and purpose need to be developed that will reach the local community from a solid base of vision that can be perpetuated, because it has been communicated from the current leadership to the next generation. God had uniquely allow ISCL to organize to the local assembly to develop training centered around the vision of the founder of the work, or the current leader's vision.

This means, within the local group's vision, under the oversight of the senior ministry of the local church, men and women can be raised up, get degrees be mentored,  developed and launched into ministry. All of the practical ministry can be administrated through the senior ministry of the group, strengthening its reach within, outreach and upreach.

In tandem with the local senior ministry a training program is developed that will be mutually beneficial to the individual and the local assembly. Continuity, with what God's heart is for the house in which the training is being established, is paramount to the success of the local school. Because of this factor the leadership of ISCL desires to sculpt the developing school to reflect the vision and purpose for which God raised up the house.  

For further information and explanation, please contact Dr. Hurst through the information given on the Contact page of this site.

 Currently a fresh approach to education is being developed by the leadership of ISCL. More concerning the development of that vision will be shared as it is clarified enough to be written.

In September of 2010, Dr. Hurst received a "download"  from the Lord concerning Christian Education that will help correct a number of areas in which the Kingdom people have patterned themselves after the pattern of the world's education on all levels. As that vision clarifies, there will be adjustments to the course of ISCL and the services they offer to the Body of Christ at large. 

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