Welcome to the Media Page 1 of ISCL. Here we will feature links to articles, audio messages, and video messages by our teachers. More will be added as they become available.

Dr Wm. J. Hurst is President of ISCL and has taught  College level for over 20 years. He has been in ministry for over 65 years, teaching, pastoring, and doing missions. He is currently traveling training leadership and being consulted by church leaders as well as counseling leaders and individuals on how to develop spiritual growth in the lives of leaders and congregations. For a brief introduction to some of his courses. (They are about 10 min. of teaching each)

Intro to Spiritual Parallels. 

Intro to The Voice of God

Intro to Perspectives of The End Time

Intro to The Anatomy of the Soul 

Intro to Revelation Chapter 1

Intro to Solomon's Temple

Intro to The Anatomy of the Spirit of Man

Intro to Prayer Strategies  

Introduction to Teaching on the Tabernacle of Moses  

The Following are extended teachings 

The Church on a Journey    

Servant Leadership - A Series of Teaching on Leadership

Leadership Part 1 - 1

Leadership Part 1 - 2

Leadership Part 2    

Leadership Part 3  

Leadership Part 4  

As It Was In The Days of ... 1

As It Was In The Days of ... 2

To hear some complete messages by Dr. Hurst click here  Then go Video Message link.


The Following is the 1st in a 3 part series on What Is A Healthy Church. 

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Dr. Ed Bez is the founder of ISCL, past president and current Chancellor. He is currently president of Focus on The Bible Ministries. His passion is helping students understand in Biblical and historic context passages of the Word. With increasing clarity, Dr. Bez communicates unique perspective on Biblical passages, because of his interests in Hebraic Roots and Archeological studies.  For a taste of that unique style and teaching, Click here!

Here are some links to Dr. Ed Bez that will help you understand his passions and influences that have shaped his teaching style and clarity.

Sites: Botanical Gardens.

         Focus on The Bible - Website no longer active.

         Under The Olive Tree Ministies

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