These sites are connections that will help you "study to show yourselves approved unto God, workmen that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth". These writers have proven themselves over time to be men and women of the spirit as well as of excellent academics. 

Dr Wm. J. Hurst has set up a site on which he offers his books, courses, video's and cd's of his messages.

Dr Ed Corley is a ministry who teaches a depth of the Word that is challenging to those desiring to grow up into Jesus in all things.

An excellent starting Bible Program is E-Sword. Download the application file as a base, then the translations, dictionaries, commentaries, and graphics.   

MorningStar Ministries : MorningStar Ministries  I ask you to consider what Bro Rick Joyner has to say. As I have observed over the years, he is one of the most balanced ministries I have seen that is endeavoring to lead people where God is taking His church today. There is much good material available through his website.

Dr. Cosby R Oliver:  is a man recommended to me a number of years ago. I have read a number of articles and books by him and he has interesting insight into what God is currently doing in the church. He also holds a standard of excellence that is encouraging in these days.

George Warnock:   Bro George Warnock is one of the few remaining who were in the outpouring of the Spirit at North Battleford Sask. in 1948. Although the truths restored at the time, became quickly twisted, Bro Warnock remained true to the Lord Jesus Christ and His revelation of Himself at that time. Bro Warnock has remained true to that revelation over the years and is a voice of one crying in the wilderness for a return to the focus on the Lord Jesus Christ in all these truths. Read, study, and consider what he has written. Be Bereans, and study the scriptures to see if these things be so. 

T. Austin-Sparks was a man of great wisdom and insight. He was a man before his time and therefore, although not a predictor of events of the future, in one way, he was a prophet.  I offer this link as many of the courses written by Dr. Hurst have literature from Mr Austin-Sparks in the supplementary reading and assignments. 

Video's on Jim Hammerle's Youtube sight. Check out his other emphasis. 

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