Guidelines To Churches for Treatment of Traveling Ministry

 Luke 10:7  And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as they give: 
For The Labourer Is Worthy of His Hire.

Dr Ed Bez. Applying natural principles to Spiritual Realities

Rev. Ellie Hurst, Teaches Worship, Prayer, and Intercession 

In the difficult economic days we living in, small works and ministries suffer more extensively than those who are established and have reputations. All ministries suffer in these difficult days because most ministries live by donations.

It is my heart to help leaders understand the difficulties suffered by those who are willing to go to any sized group and minister the Word of the Lord, and build in the lives of the local church and training of leaders.

The guidelines will help give understanding to the needs of those men and women relating suggestions for consideration of how to help them survive remembering that a laborer is worthy of his hire.

There are two types of ministry mentioned in scripture.

  1. The Hireling: one who does the work, but only for the appointed hours and does not take responsibility for the relationships and lives involved.
  2. The Laborer: This one takes responsibility and work as if whatever he is doing was his own, and until the work is done with excellence, quality and is completed totally.

As we can appreciate, this is clearly attitudinal rather than necessarily visible. 



  1. Most traveling ministry do not have a "salary" from a local church. Therefore, no guaranteed income.
  2. They usually have a home to maintain with all the accompanying bills.
  3. They usually live from meeting to meeting, rather than 'paycheck to paycheck'. Most ministries willing to minister to the Body of Christ and "Little Flocks" do not demand any guarantee of finance.
  4. They also have normal needs for everyday expenses that someone would have living stationary.


1.     A normal expenses for rent, heat, electric and phone for the area they live in needs to be calculated into what they are receiving in a equation something like the following. 

    1. Total rent - divided by -  30 x (Number of days with you.)
    2. Average Heat - winter and summer - divided by 30 x (Number of days with you)
    3. Phone - Average phone bill considering they may use cells as well - divided by 30 x (Number of days with you)
    4. Average Electric for the area and size of house( 1bedroom, 2bedroom, or +) - divided by 30 x (Number of days with you)

2. They usually each out unless invited to a home or placed in a home while they are with you.

3. True men and women of God have no desire to burden others therefore take into consideration that in travel to the next ministry opportunity, they may need to 'eat out' of necessity.

4. Although these are not all the considerations, they are some that will help you. Never forget that they have out of pocket expenses while on the road as well.

5. LOVE OFFERING IS ABOVE AND BEYOND THESE CONSIDERATIONS. Therefore give generously. There is a sense in which the above expenses should be the very basic offering and honorarium should be above and beyond these.

It is my prayer that these simple guidelines will help churches, ministries, and individuals determine how they should support men and women who have given themselves to serving the Body of Christ. 

Dr. Hurst will continue to develop guidelines like these and others on Ministerial Ethics in the days to come, that ISCL's website might become instructive in these days when times, and situations are becoming difficult.

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