Curriculum Vitae

Dr. William J. Hurst,

B.Th., M.Th. D.Ths. Ph.D., D-C.P.C., D.P.C.(H), D.D.(H)


February 2010

Dr. William Hurst has been in ministry for 42 years. From 1968-1981 he operated in a multitude of different aspects of the gospel, establishing fellowships, pastoring churches, house groups, and itinerating.   


In 1981 he established and operated Kingdom Seed Ministry, a religious organization for the establishing of churches and other ministries. He operated it for twenty years, until he released its leadership to others in 2001. He has traveled overseas to Asia, Africa, India and Central America and has a specific ministry to people in leadership.


From 1991 - 2003, Dr. Hurst taught at Canada Christian College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he was the Dean of Leadership.  He holds doctorate in Theology from Canada Christian College and received his Ph. D, in Christian Education, from Shalom Bible College and Seminary in Des Moines, Iowa. He is also a psychotherapist holding his Diplomate of Certified Pastoral Counseling certificate.  He was honored by his peers in 2006 with an honorary Doctor of Pastoral Counseling. For several of its formative years, he was the Head of the Theological Studies for Zion College which is the correspondence degree program for Zion Ministerial Institute in Waverly, New York, USA. 


Dr. Hurst has developed over 60 courses and curriculum at the college level, covering subjects relating to the needs, function, and development of integrity of character in leadership. Several of these courses are in use in other colleges. The material for these courses is drawn from research into the lives of Biblical leaders, following the processes they went through on their way to becoming leaders of stature. He has also drawn from the wealth of personal experience in relating to and counseling leaders through crisis situations, over the years. 


Because of his involvement with Canada Christian College, as the Dean of Leadership there, he has done extensive counseling to leaders in both personal and congregational matters. Out of that counseling experience he has developed several counseling courses from unique Biblical perspectives. These delineate the makeup of man, helping the student understand the reasons people function the way they do. 


Through the years of working with congregations and leaders, Dr. Hurst has learned much about the care and restoration of leaders. Dr. Hurst’s vision is to build in people’s lives, encouraging them in what they perceive is God’s call and purpose for their life.  Through drawing from the lives and experiences of people in the Bible, he has ministered to many whom the church at large has rejected, and seen lives changed and restored through counsel and ministry.


By seeing in men and women God’s purpose for the individual, he calls forth the precious from the vile, by focusing on the positive in their lives, and their potential.  (Jeremiah 15:19) By taking this approach, he has been allowed to be a repair breaches or separations in relationships in both the family and church relationships.(Isaiah 58:12)


As a Canadian he still has some involvement in the lives of some of his former students. Although currently living in the United States, he also serves as Senior Overseeing Ministry for His Banqueting Table, a fellowship with a Bible school, which is based in Toronto, Ontario, and functions in the capacity of an overseer to a number of congregations and ministries throughout Canada and internationally.

He was also pastor in Watertown, NY for three and a half years before the man he was training assumed that position. He continues to relate to that assembly.


In September of 2007 he was installed as president of The Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership. He is currently restructuring both the administration, and the education arms of the Institute. Since taking office he has helped one church structure their training program so that ISCL can lawfully grant degrees to the students that apply.


Although the College organization is sound, as the president of the College, he is endeavoring to create an atmosphere and organization, where those who are wounded in spirit and soul can be restored, as well as trained to reintegrate, after their healing, into community life and ministry. In progressing toward these goals he is selecting a mobile staff, preparing programs in a multitude of areas including restoration and counseling, along with ministry and theological courses. Also included in the restructuring the administration are aspects of consulting for the setting up in local assemblies the ability to train their own leaders with quality and according to their vision. This consulting include the ability to train the local leaders to fully develop a school including curriculum, grading structure, administrative counsel depending on the vision and purpose of the local church for a school. Every avenue of education can be covered from home schooling through to full degree granting schools.


Dr Hurst has taught school at the elementary level as well as overseen groups of home school programs, and written courses then taught the curriculum at college level. He has also, upon request, written courses for other colleges which included all the syllabi as well.


Dr Hurst now travels throughout the Body of Christ, helping any church that requests it, set up training programs that will instill the unique vision of that local church in the leadership, so that the spiritual DNA of the assembly can cause them  to produce in the light of that vision.


Dr. Hurst can be reached at the address below for meetings, seminars, teaching modules and information.


Currently Dr. Hurst and his wife Eleanore are traveling in ministry.


The Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership

c/o Dr. Wm. J. Hurst,

Dr. Hurst’s Cell: 315-489-6359




·        Canada Christian College '94, D.THs., Theology, 50 Gervais, Dr. Toronto, Ont. Can.

·        Canadian Seminary '07, Doctor of Pastoral Counseling (Honorary),

·        The Canadian Christian Clinical Christian Counsellor Association, Calgary Alberta, Doctor of Divinity, (Honorary)

High School:

·        Uppsala Agricultural Bible School, Uppsala, Ont. Can.

·        Belleville Collegiate & Vocational School '66, Belleville Ont. Can.

·        Avondale Elementary School, Belleville, Ont. Can.



Employment History


Throughout the years from 1966-1983

Various aspects of ministry from church planting, pastoring, itinerating, and traveling in North America teaching.

1981-2000 Kingdom Seed Ministries,

1983-2000 - Kingdom Seed Fellowship, a local church plant with a sister church in Toronto Ontario Canada from 1991- 2003, although others conduct meetings currently, Dr. Hurst still is the overseer for that fellowship and holds teaching intensives several times a year. 


Current Employer:

The Institute for Strategic Christian Leadership

Position:      September 2007 - Present


Full redevelopment of the degree granting tracks for the Institute plus its restoration to a distance learning institute with all the accompanying administrative responsibilities.

Location:     Snellville, GA


Boards and Associations:

          Evangelical Order of Pastoral Counsellors of America

          Advisory Board

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