The Following list will be updated as new courses become available. Dr Hurst is developing courses at different levels for the college on an ongoing basis. Short Video introductions to a few of the courses are given at this location.

There are certain courses that are considered basic and essential for the graduation of any student. Although degree tracks are developed individually and each student accessed in the light of the call of God on their life, it is the conviction of the leadership of ISCL that Bible teaching is our basic thrust and the courses have been listed and are being developed accordingly.

In November of 2008, Dr. Hurst received a visitation of the Lord early in the morning. In half a hour God revealed to him the basis of about 30 courses in three stages. Currently Dr. Hurst is writing these courses. They will be added to the course list and curriculum as they are finished. The three areas of revelation are:

  1. How does the Gospel of The Kingdom of God manifest throughout the Word.
  2. Viewing the development of faith throughout the scripture.
  3. Viewing the whole of scripture in the eyes of the prophetic


Course List



Title & Description

BIB 120

Biblical Literacy Awareness


A case is made concerning the Biblical illiteracy of many in the American Church. The neglect of the Bible has allowed the moral collapse in America. This course gives contemporary and Scriptural examples for the need and use of Biblical principles in personal life and society. It is shown to be essential for life and actually easy to learn.

BIB 221

The Tabernacle God's Perfect Pattern


Understanding the types and shadows in the Tabernacle in the Wilderness is vital to being able to understand how God is working in the life of believers and where they are in the processing of God. These types and shadows are studied with applications of their significance to the individual, corporate and universal life of the Church.

BIB 230

Perspectives of The End Time


This course starts in Genesis and builds a case for God's veiling, in the type and shadows the things that point to the culmination of the ages. A number of the patterns are examined and shown to relate to complete patterns that will be expressed in reality during the culmination of the age. This thought provoking course should be taken before the Revelation courses.

BIB 350

Acts, Parts 1 & 2


In this course Acts is divided into two sections, chapters 1-13 and then 14 to the end. The first section takes time to show how the Church came into existence. The establishment of the Church during its totally Jewish period is treated in this course.

BIB 510

Introduction to the Bible


This course will survey the history and origins of the Old and New Testaments. Included in this introduction are the historical canonization process, apologetic presentation of the Bible's validity, survey of translations throughout history, and archaeological discoveries as it relates to the Bible.

BIB 520

Biblical Hermeneutics


The student will learn the hermeneutical and exegetical principles and skills of interpreting Scripture. Included will be a survey of the historical, social, literary environment of biblical hermeneutics and the process of applying the meaning to contemporary culture and society.

BIB 560



Here an interesting approach is taken to the declarations of the Book of Better Things. It relationship to us in the last days and the coming into the fullness of our spiritual inheritance is emphasized.

BIB 569

The Revelation of Jesus Christ.


Taking the description of Jesus given in the first chapter and following each one from its roots to its full expression in Him in the scriptures. This book sets the tone for the whole book of Revelation and is paramount to understanding many of the things contained in the book.

BIB 570

Revelation of Jesus Christ to the Seven Churches


In following the Revelation of Jesus to the Seven Churches we find the revelations of Him that will give us the power to overcome the problems represented in the Seven Churches. The character and nature of overcoming is addressed as well as the seven steps that bring us into the fullness of The Overcomer Nature.

BIB 571

Revelation Around The Throne


In this revelation of Jesus we study how the ascended Lord is viewed from the heavenlies. The man on the throne is studied as well as the Lamb and the atmosphere and context of the heavenlies in chapters 4-7 of Revelation.

BIB 572

Revelation, Hear The Sound of The Trumpets


This course deals with Chapters 8-12 of Revelation. Principles applicable in the everyday life of God's people are treated along with the application to the end times events. Do not expect it to be your usual treatment of these chapters or events, Fresh revelation flows as what God has revealed is discussed.

BIB 573

Revelation, The Tribulation


This course treats chapters 13-16 of Revelation. The emphasis in this portion of the study is how the Church is in transition at this time and it is the time when the kingdoms of this world are becoming The Kingdoms of Our God and of His Christ. Although the judgments are treated, the emphasis is on \"Thy Kingdom Come\

BIB 574

Revelation, The Two Brides


Here, from Revelation chapters 18-22, Babylon is studied in contrast with the true Bride of Christ. Numerous contrasts are drawn between the two women of Revelation and how they are prepared and displayed in the grand finale leading into eternity.

BIB 610

Solomon's Temple Unveiled


God has given keys within Solomon's Temple that unlock the heavenlies. Secrets that were not unlocked in the Tabernacle of Moses are unveiled and expanded on in this course. Glimpses into the ages to come are seen as well and what is available to us in this age, before Jesus comes, are seen through types and shadows.

COU 110

Christian Counseling: Grief Counseling


This course helps leaders learn how to help people who are in grief through loss of a loved one. Tools are placed in the hands and minds of the counselor that aid them during this difficult time in lives of those they minister to.

COU 202

The Philosophy of Spiritual Counseling


The student is given an overview of what God says is our makeup, dealing with the spirit and soul of man. It is heavily supported by scripture, giving a basic understanding of what God says in scripture composes our structural makeup. This course develops the theme of man made in the image of God. It gives an overview to the tri-part image of God that man mirrors. It shows how that has been corrupted and outlines how God has made provision for full redemption of spirit, soul and body. Practical application of the principles discussed throughout the course are given.

COU 204

The Christian Home and Family


This course gives the Biblical foundations of the family. Marriage and family are God's idea and He has specific guidelines for their success. Our lives and home are all built on relationship. The Bible is a wealth of information on how to have a successful marriage and raise godly children by establishing the Word of God as the standard for all our behavior. Through this course you will learn that the family is designed to love and serve God together, giving Him glory in the most foundational place of our lives--The Home.

COU 210

Panoramic Overviews To Maturity


Through a number of charts, an overview of the plan of God for the individual, local church, and vision of God for maturity in different areas of our lives is given. Many Christians falter in their walk with God, because  they do not have a clear vision of where the Lord desires them to go in their relationship with Him and the Body of Christ.

COU 320

Understanding Relationships Pertaining to Marriage


In this course the makeup of the male and female are studied. God's reason for creating the two of them is discussed. The second half of the course shows how, properly applied with care and gentleness, the cross answers the problems plaguing marriages today.

COU 330

Divorce, Remarriage, & Ministry Seminar


This course explores each Scripture passage regarding the subject in both the Old and New Testaments and discusses the historical and cultural background for each. the discoveries made regarding this sensitive subject are both intriguing, encouraging and life-changing for many. By the conclusion of this course, participants are challenged to review their judgments of people and circumstances and to love and heal the brokenhearted.

COU 402

The Anatomy of the Spirit of Man


This course is an expansion of the understanding of the spirit of man gained in the Philosophy of Spiritual Counseling course. It is an extensive study of what God declares can be in our spirit. The negative is laid out and how to have God replace it with the positive things He has available through relationship with Him, and how it will affect us our in development.

COU 403

The Anatomy of the Soul (Part 1)


This is the third in the Counseling series. It deals with what is in the soul of man, and the provisions that God has made for them to be replaced with aspects of His character and nature. Particular attention is paid to the dealings of God and how God would help us through that time into a soul fully free from the bondages of the flesh into the glorious liberty of the children of God.

COU 404

The Anatomy of the Soul of Man (Part 2)


This course studies the emotions from the Biblical perspective. How to free and purify the emotions releasing God's people to worship and obey the Lord are part of what is examined in this course

COU 405

The Anatomy of the Soul of Man (Part 3)-Mind


In this four of the series on Counseling we will examine the Biblical function of the mind, how it became corrupted, and how the power of the Life of Jesus in us can cleanse and renew us in the spirit of our mind, manifesting The Mind of Christ.

COU 410

Restoration, The Heart of God


The reign of certain kings who represent the principles involved in cycles of restoration are studied with the view of learning their application in the individual, local and corporate life of the church. Ezra, Nehemiah and the prophets of restoration are searched for applicable principles ending up with God’s instructions on how to move in restoration in the church today as taught by Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Because of the days we live in this course is a must for men and women who want to learn proper attitudes in restoration.

DVA 100

The Voice of God


This course is recommended to be one of the first courses taken. It takes the scriptures and examines the different ways God speaks. If leaders do not know the ways God speaks and the first principles of the oracles of God, they cannot teach others to hear God's voice and respond to it.

DVA 101

Prayer Strategies


This course looks at the different aspects of prayer in the church, helping delineate the different expressions of ministries of prayer. Specializations are looked as as well as spiritual warfare and different expressions of it. This course endeavors to present all the aspects of prayer, with balance,  that are being emphasized in the church today, and its place in the life of leadership.

DVA 110

Prayer: Praying to get Results


In James 5:16, the Amplified Bible tells us that the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man \"makes much power available\". Prayer is our lifeline to God, and it is also God's conduit to get His power into people's lives and circumstances here on earth. In this course the student will learn the different types of prayer described in the Bible: intercession, worship, consecration and the prayer of faith and more. You will grow in your knowledge and your ability to participate in all the different aspects of prayer.

DVA 120

How to Read, Understand, and Enjoy The Bible


Using a few literary tools can bring the Bible to life for you in your personal life. How to ask questions that will enable you to absorb a passage in a fresh a living way. You will be taught some of these tools that will bring the Bible alive and help you apply the principles to you own life.

EVA 101

Soul Winning


This course outlines the Biblical mandate for personal and local evangelism as well as worldwide missions, and offers inspiration and practical applications on how these may be accomplished. You will discover the three "P's" of evangelism; the Plan, the Problems, and the Provision, and learn about the 5 different styles of evangelism: Confrontational, Intellectual, Relational, Service and Invitational. This class will take all the fear out of sharing your faith!

EVA 310

World Missions


Jesus made it clear in Mat 24:14 that \"this gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and the end will come.\"What part does the average believer have in completing this specific, yet awesome task? In this course, the student will learn about the \"top line\" blessing that God has for the church, and the \"bottom line\" blessing that the church must deliver to the world. You will discover the heart of God for missions as it is revealed from Genesis through Revelation

EVA 640

The Church's Mission in a Pluralistic Society


A study of the history of non-Christian religions, their major concepts, and the philosophical structures under girding the non-western world. This includes the interface of the uniqueness of Christianity in a pluralistic world.

GEN 120

Hermeneutics: Principles of Interpreting the Bible


This course gives a solid foundation for those interested in learning how to properly interpret God's Word. It is not an exhaustive nor does it do justice to each guideline because of time restraints.

GEN 121

Gen 122

Hermeneutics: “Maximize Your Insight of God’s   Word”                                                                                                                                      

This is a very practical course on how to study the Bible. The student will learn basic principles on the interpretation of Scripture and how to use foundational study tools to enhance insight and understanding. The Bible is a wealth of treasure that can be continually mined, and the gems of truth can be applied in the life of the believer to bring transformation.

Hermeneutics: "The Key of Knowledge"

Jesus spoke to the Pharisees concerning the "Key of Knowedge" that it had the ability to open the 'Door of the Kingdom and allow them and others in. Although they had the Key they refused to go in and blocked others from entering. "They Key of Knowledge" is the key to understanding and "rightly dividing the Word of Truth". This course helps you recognize several expressions of that "Key" and how to use it. It also explores how the Spirit can lead in the discovery of new applications of the Word, like prophetic hermeneutics and one or two other applications of Biblical principles of interpretation. 

GEN 223

Biblical Archaeology


This course will take you on a tour of the Bible lands through the eyes of the archaeologist, teaching about customs, using Biblical Archaeology to unearth evidence for the Bible narrative.

GEN 224

How to Read the Scriptures in Public


This course certifies participants as Public Heralds of Scripture. It teaches skills in public speaking, increase personal confidence and poise, and reclaim a lost art of tradition and culture. You can add drama and life to Biblical texts in and outside of a Worship Service.

GEN 234

Biblical Geography


Knowledge of the physical aspects of Bible places adds much to understanding of Biblical texts. The mountains, plains, deserts, cities, roads, and bodies of water found in these ancient areas are discussed.

GEN 310



This course encompasses the Biblical position of God as the supreme creator of man and the universe, versus the Darwin espoused "theory" of man evolving from a primeval form of life. You will discover how the scientific data points absolutely to special creation and not evolution. By studying scripture and the latest scientific discoveries you will gain the confidence you need to take a stand in faith on this important issue.

GEN 311

Polemics: Creation-Evolution Debate


This course is a fascinating look at the real issue between creationists and evolutionists. Many have thought it was about God versus Darwin, or the Bible versus Evolution, or even religion versus science. \"Boiled down to the bottom line, the great origins debate is about God versus no God\" says Dr. Bez.

GEN 323

Biblical Finances & Management


Does God really care how I spend my money? What portion of my income belongs to God and what can I do with the rest? These are questions many sincere Christians aks themselves. As the student will discover in this in-depth course, the Bible refers to the stewardship of finances from beginning to end. Learn how applying the principles of "seedtime and harvest\" can change how you view finances forever.

GEN 510

Orientation to Research & Writing


This course is designed as an introduction to Biblical research tools and writing guidelines. Emphasis will be placed on research methodology in an attempt to assist students as they appropriate and develop their own biblical and theological insights and resources.

GEN 520

Introduction to Biblical Languages


This is an introduction to Old Testament Biblical Hebrew and New Testament Koine Greek. There will be a descriptive overview of both languages, and students will be expected to master their fundamental features and basic grammar. The aim of the course is to prepare the student to begin to do exegetical work in the original languages of the Old and New Testament through the use of various exegetical and lexical reference tools including exposure to the various computer Biblical language programs.

GEN 620

Research Project


The research project is a major work of research and application of knowledge encompassing an area of Biblical Literacy or Leadership. The research project identifies, frames, describes and explains the problem, possible solutions and the selected solutions. It presents a plan for implementation of the proposed solution, and a plan to evaluate the results. It should contain a clear explanation of the theories that guided the diagnosis of the problem and the preferred solution. The student's research project is expected to meet scholarly standard of excellence.

GRK 301

Introduction to New Testament Greek


This course will provide the basics fro the study of NT Greek, as well as introduce software that will aid in further study. By learning the basics of the Greek language, the student will gain:

1. CONTEXT; a better understanding of different translations as well as understanding the text as a whole,

2. WORD,; use word studies or theological dictionaries, and

3. MORPHOLOGY; evaluate critical interpretations of different grammatical features found in key expository tools. You will see the beauty of the scriptures in a whole new light as it unfolds to you in the original language it was written.

GRK 520

Greek 1


This is an introduction to New Testament Koine Greek. The emphasis is on vocabulary, basic grammar, for and syntax. The aim of the course is to prepare the student to begin to do exegetical work in the original language of the New Testament.

GRK 631

Greek II


This is a continuation of Greek I. A study of advanced Greek grammar with emphasis on vocabulary building, syntax and exegetical skills. The aim of the course is to enable the student to do more advanced exegetical work in the New Testament.

HEB 640

Introduction to Hebrew


This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the biblical Hebrew and an ability to use exegetical resources. The student will be given a descriptive overview of the language, and will be expected to master its fundamental features. Students will also be introduced to basic grammatical and lexical reference tools.

HIS 201

History of Revivals


In this exciting course, the student will not only learn about the history of revival movements, but how the individual Christian can learn to live in personal revival, always "red hot" for God.

HIS 301

Church History: A Prophetic Perspective


This course takes the approach God took in the Old Testament of progressive revelation, when He was revealing Himself to man. From this pattern the templet is drawn as we look together at what God restored through the Reformers. The successive pattern is followed and the projection of what has yet to be restored before the coming of the Lord, in the areas of Truth and the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

HIS 310

God's General/Pentecostal History


This course will chronicle the lives and work of some of the great leaders in the faith in Pentecostal History. The student will receive an overview of their lives, their teachings and their spiritual discoveries, as well as insight into why some succeeded and some failed in their ministries. You will learn how the Pentecostal movement of the past century changed the church forever and how it is currently influencing our lives today.

HIS 630

Inter-testamental and Early Church History


A study of the emergence of Christianity in relation to the historical, religious and philosophical milieu of the first century. This course also examines the literature of the inter-testamental period such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Apocrypha, the Pseudepigrapha, the writings of Josephus and the early church fathers.

LDR 120

Biblical Church Government


This controversial course looks at the different expressions of Divine Government throughout the scriptures and how the principles are interwoven into God's desire fo the church today. The New Testament expression is compared with the prophetic vision God gave Paul in the book of Ephesians for the church at the close of the Church Age.

LDR 130

Church Leadership Training


This course addresses many aspects of leadership: Facets and aspects of good leadership, church leadership issues such as Marriage, Divorce and Ministry and the place of Women in leadership in the church, How to Identify, Recruit and Train Leaders and Deacons, Understanding Different Forms of Church Government, How to Write Church Constitutions and By-laws, the Dynamics and Techniques of Church Discipline, and more.

LDR 131

Organizational Foundation


Topics covered include: Reviewing your personal calling, Clarifying your purpose and goals, Identifying your target audience, Discussing start-up costs and funding sources, How to pick board members and leaders, Steps to legal incorporation, Ministry Finances, Planning for 501 ©)(3) tax exempt status, Registering your organization with national database, and Accountability issues. If you are just starting a ministry and need guidance in these issues, this course is for you!

LDR 210

Spiritual Development of Leaders


This course is designed to provide a theological, historical, and practical introduction to the resources and disciplines of formative Christian spirituality. In addition to exposure to classical materials through integrated readings, students will participate outside of class in a faith sharing practicum, chapel programs, college retreats, and an individual formative assessment process.

LDR 211

Leadership: Becoming a Person of Influence


Success in ministry is no longer considered to be based solely on Bible knowledge. More and more in recent years, the principles of leadership that govern other vocations have come to the forefront as paramount for success in ministry and in any other life endeavor. The student will obtain an overall view of basic leadership principles and skills as well as how they can be applied in ministry or any chosen occupation. The more you hone your leadership skills, the more God can use you as a person of influence for His Kingdom.

LDR 230

Abraham, God Develops a Leader of Faith


An introduction to God's methods and ways of producing leaders who experientially know the walk of faith. It is essential as the children of Abraham to know these leadership principles.

LDR 310

Mentoring, The High Price of Being A Leader


This course follows the life of several men who were used of God to train those who closely followed the. The principles are applied to the passing on of vision, ministry, and anointing to the next generation of ministry.

LDR 330

Moses, A Leader Who Developed Leaders


The emphasis in this course is on how Moses was qualified by God to begin training leaders. This study includes an analysis of the training of Moses, his leaders, and their placement and their interrelationships with the church today, making this a practical course for ministers and leaders.

LDR 410

Developing a Christian World view


A world view is a set of presuppositions or assumptions that we hold (consciously or subconsciously) about the basic makeup of our world. Everyone has a world view, whether they can explain it or not. A world view is like a pair of glasses through which we view the world. It is important to have the right  prescription, or reality will be distorted. This foundational course addresses issues from ethics to World religions, from social action to pop culture, from human nature to the problem of evil, from Deism to New Age eastern oriental mysticism. It outlines competing world views as well as provides practical guidelines that will enable us to think through our own World view and then bring our world view into harmony with Scripture and reality.

LDR 510

Survey of Leadership


This course survey's the history and models of leadership including leadership styles, issues, and skills from a Biblical perspective. The goal of this course is to enable future leaders to begin to establish foundations for effective leadership and to evaluate and formulate their own biblically based leadership philosophy and style.

LDR 511

The Priesthood of the Believer


This course takes us through the types and shadows of the Priesthood of Levi and Mechizedek. It draws practical parallels that apply to the Believer. Ministry principles are also emphasized.

LDR 511

Spiritual Formation of a Leader


This course is designed to provide a theological, historical, and practical introduction to the resources and disciplines of spiritual and character formation in Christian leaders. In addition to exposure to Biblical and classical materials through integrated readings, students will participate in the practice of spiritual and character formation through various activities throughout the course.

LDR 520

Leadership in a Pluralistic Society


This course examines the history of non-Christian religions, their major concepts , and philosophical structures under girding the non-western world. This includes the interface of the uniqueness of Christianity and leadership in a pluralistic world.

LDR 521

Strategic Leadership of People


This course examines the biblical and practical approach to leading people and will encompass the elements of moral love and motivation. This will also include developing interviewing, training, and mentoring skills, and will examine the aspect of global leadership.

LDR 610

Values and Ethics for Leaders


The goal of the course is to instruct future leaders on how values and ethics impact the decisions they make and how this in turn impacts the organizational culture. This will include examining strategies for values and ethics structuring for effective impact on organizational life and practice. Through readings and case studies students will consider opposing ethical and moral viewpoints frequently confronted by leaders in organizations of today. Judeo-Christian perspective will guide much of the debate on controversial issues and questions.

LDR 611

Strategic Formation of a Leader


This course will examine leadership theories, issues, and skills from a biblical perspective and the process of integrating this into the life of the leader so as to enable the leader to make a transformational impact on society. Students will evaluate contemporary leadership challenges and propose solutions to develop the thinking process and skills needed to transform organizations through effective leadership.

LDR 612

Spiritual Leadership Within Organizations


This course will enable future leaders to understand the spiritual needs of the organization's team. It will examine the elements and characteristics of spiritual leadership within an organization and how to influence people in such a manner as to bring glory to God and to transform both the follower and the leader to higher levels of performance.

LDR 620

Christian Organizations and Administration


This course examines the unique role of non-profit corporations in society and its dimensions of complex structure. Course emphasis will focus on organization and administration with integrity, board relationships, fiscal responsibility and accountability, legal issues, resource development and volunteerism.

LDR 621

Leadership Practicum


Students develop skills and an understanding of their role as change agents to acknowledge, value, and support human differences in diverse corporations and organizations. The Christian perspective and its application in the secular workplace will be explored.

LDR 650

Ministering During Transition


The lives of the leaders who went through transition such as Noah, Moses, John the Baptist are studied drawing forth from their lives ministry principles for the last days. The church is transitioning from the church age, preparing for the millennium. This course is designed to help the leader take the church through the transition. 

LDR 710

Team Ministry (Part I)


This is the first of two courses  and follows the life of the Apostle Paul, applying New Testament principles to the development of teams. Looking at Paul's vision of the functioning of the church we see how He trained, and released leaders into the church of his day. These leaders could function in the five ministry gifts and under delegated authority, as well as be released into ministries of their own in God's time.

LDR 711

Team Ministry (Part II)


This course takes Paul into the prison years and shows how he dept the teams functioning and walking in truth through the delegation of authority.

NTS 101

Survey: Discovering Your New Covenant with God


While it is important to examine specific passages and scriptures, those familiar chapters and stories take on new dimensions when seen as a part of the sweeping panorama of the Bible. This course takes a survey approach that will deepen your knowledge of God and, in turn, enrich your life. You'll gain an overview of the entire New Testament, consider the respective writers and their writings, and lay aq solid foundation for understanding the message and revelation of Jesus Christ.

NTS 120

Making Sense of The Gospels and Acts


This course explores the uniqueness and similarities of The Gospels and Acts. Matthew, Mark, and Luke are sometimes referred to as the Synoptic Gospels; from a Greek word meaning "see together". They present the life of Christ in a way which compliments the life of Christ given in John. Key persons, places, events, themes, chapters, and verses are highlighted.

NTS 121

Making Sense of the Gospels and Acts


This course explores the uniqueness and similarities of The Gospels and Acts. A significant number of the Gospel stories seem to be parallels. This has long be recognized. Efforts to find agreement and congruity between the accounts are called harmonization. Understanding this distinctive feature will increase your Biblical knowledge of key stories in the Gospels. The Acts of the Apostles is included because it is likely to have been composed by Luke the beloved physician, as a sequel to Luke. This course will help you make sense of the \"fab\" five of the New Testament by broadening and deepening your view of the Life of Christ".

NTS 130

Life of Christ/Harmony of the Gospels


In this course the Gospels are harmonized, complete with charts comparing the Gospels chronologically. Understand that this is a general guide. There are a number of passages that omit clear time references therefore some of the sequencing is speculative.

NTS 341

Outline of Revelation


This outline prepares the student for an in-depth study of the Book of Revelation. Only highlights are touched and the approach is that of the development of the emphasis of "The kingdoms of this world becoming the Kingdoms of our God and of His Christ."

NTS 342

Seeing Jesus As He Is, The Ultimate Revelation


In this course all the clear appearances of Jesus after the ascension are examined, highlighting the revelation of Jesus that they display. The scriptural base for the course is 1 John

NTS 343

Jesus, The Prophet Like Unto Moses


How Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Moses about a prophet arising like him is examined. Also Jesus use of the tools of the office of the prophet are scrutinized drawing from the principle of attitude, and function as examples for  prophets today.

NTS 410

The Parables of Jesus


Jesus characteristic method of teaching was through the use of parables. This course examines the definition, nature, purpose, themes and construction of the parables of Jesus.

NTS 420

Jesus, The Teacher Sent From God


This course examines how Jesus used teaching tools giving application for men and women called of God to function as teachers under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit. It also treats the ministry of Evangelist and Pastor in the Life of Jesus drawing principles that will help these ministries function as God ordained causing them to come out from under the tradition and old ways of functioning that have given rise to problems in the church.

NTS 540

The Gospels & Acts


This course investigates the historical contexts, literary structures and theological themes of the Gospels and Acts. Attention is given to the first century contexts of Judaism, Greco-Roman Society and the early church.

NTS 541

Luke and Acts


This course probes the many relationships between the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. It is generally acknowledged that Luke-Acts is a two-volume history of the life of Christ and the early church. It is further acknowledge that both were penned by the same author; Luke, the beloved physician. His writings are historically accurate and packed with fascinating insights into the beginnings of the ministry of Jesus Christ and the birth of the Church.

NTS 550

The Book of Ephesians: The Mystery of the Church


When Paul wrote the book of Ephesians, Christians were still unsure about the nature and purpose of the church. Concepts we generally take for granted today were still being sorted out and developed. We as believers today still need the revelation of \"Christ in you, the hope of glory.\" This course will awaken you to the marvelous truth that all Jesus paid for resides IN YOU. With this power you can extend His love, His saving grace, His healing, and His delivering works to our world today. The student will explore this exciting New Testament book in its entirety.

NTS 560

The Straw-Epistle: Studies in the Writing of James


James is considered an extremely practical book for believers to study. This course majors on that aspect of the writing but also shows the spiritual applications of those timeless practical principles.

NTS 610

Gospels and Acts


This course is an analysis of Matthew through Acts with special emphasis being placed on the self-revelation of Christ and the Holy Spirit and leadership characteristics. In addition, attention  will be given to hermeneutically and theologically understanding the Gospel and Acts, and the historical, political, and geographical settings reflected in each book.

NTS 615

Jesus, Chief Apostle


Hebrews calls Jesus, The Chief Apostle . This course examines how He exampled that ministry and draws practical principles that can be applied to the ministry today. He sets the standard for ministry flow, function and application. These are the principles shown in this course.

NTS 620

Pauline Epistles


This course surveys the NT Biblical text from Romans through Philemon with special attention being placed on the unique characteristics of the Pauline epistles. In addition, attention will be given to hermeneutically understanding the Pauline Epistles, and the historical, political, and geographical settings reflected in each book.

NTS 621

General Epistles


This course is an analysis of the NT Biblical text from Hebrews through Revelation. In addition, attention will be given to hermeneutically and theologically understanding these NT books, and the historical, political and geographical settings in each book. 

NTS 641

Romans to Revelation


This course is an in-depth analysis of the Biblical text from Romans to Revelation with major emphasis given to the Pauline and Johannine corpus.

NTS 650

The General Epistles


The General Epistles cover all of those not written by Paul. The cultural, physical, and spiritual climate of each will be considered along with their historical setting. The content will be addressed with emphasis on the expression of God's heart with the practical application of the truths revealed.

OTS 100

Old Testament Survey: Comprehensive


This introductory course is designed to give a patterned glimpse into the books of the Old Testament in its entirety. The student will study the key points of each book: Title, Author, Date, and Key words, phrases and verses. You will also get the import of the message and how Christ is seen in each book. The course is taught in such a way as to make the Old Testament come alive. Every Christian will benifit from this important study.

OTS 101

Historical Books: Genesis-Esther


This course lays a foundation for further reading of the characters, themes, and events found in these 17 books. It will help us make sense of the Old Testament.

OTS 102

Survey 2: The Poetic/Wisdom Books


A full one third of the Old Testament is written in poetic form. These books include Job, Psalms, Proverbs Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon. This course will take the student on a journey into the writings of Job, Kind David and King Solomon. You will look through the window of their souls and gain insight into their relationship with God and how it impacted their lives as well as how they influenced the entire world for generations to come. This course will enhance your own relationship with God.

OTS 103

Survey 3: Prophetical Books


This course is the study of the Old Testament prophets and prophecy. Besides the important background information and major critical problems, date and authorship questions, the general nature of each prophetical book, the prophet himself, and analysis of the prophet's message are all included. The importance and value of the prophets can hardly be overestimated in terms of their influence on the nation of Israel and upon the world. The student will come away from this course with not only new knowledge but an awe of the workings of God throughout Old Testament history.

OTS 204

The Minor Prophets


In this course the historical context is examined to determine their circumstance. The prophetic literary style is studied to understand why the prophets said what they did. The application and integration of the messages of these books are brought out. These books are often overlooked but are by no means irrelevant!

OTS 404



This book is full of mystery and multiple prophetic applications. In treating it we get insight into God's heart for Israel's restoration, even though she, at the beginning of the book is depicted as stubborn and stiff necked. You will be taken into the historical setting as well as the spiritual climate of the time. Aspects of the book that have not yet been fully understood will be discussed. Ezekiel's prophetic medium will be discussed as well as the tremendous insight into God's purpose for her at the end times.

OTS 510



"This course is an analysis of the O.T. Pentateuch with special emphasis being placed on the self-revelation of God and God as leader in Genesis through Deuteronomy. In addition, attention will be given to hermeneutically and theologically understanding narrative material and the historical, political and geographical settings reflected in each book.

OTS 511

Historical Literature


This course surveys the O.T. Historical books of Joshua through Esther with special emphasis being placed on the development of proper methodology for interpreting narrative material. In addition, attention will be given to the chronological, political, and geographical settings reflected in each book, as well as to the critical and hermeneutical issues surrounding them.

OTS 512

Pentateuch to Historical Literature


Examines the content of the Pentateuch and Historical literature with special emphasis being placed on the development of proper methodology for interpreting narrative material. In addition, attention will be given to the chronological, political, and geographical settings reflected in each book, as well as to the critical and hermeneutical issues surrounding them.

OTS 520

"Wisdom Literature


This course examines the O.T. Wisdom Books of Job through Song of Solomon including the wisdom tradition of Israel. Special attention will be given to the Ancient Near Eastern parallels, literary structures, wisdom theology, and the historical, geographic, and social settings reflected in the Wisdom Literature.

OTS 521

Prophetic Literature


This course is an analytical study of the O.T. Prophetical Books of Isaiah through Malachi with a special focus on God as Israel's Sovereign Guide, and an examination of the prophetic tradition in Israel. Also attention will be given to the historical, geographic, and social settings of the Prophetic books, and the theological and hermeneutical issues surrounding these books.

OTS 522

Wisdom & Prophetic Literature


An examination of the wisdom tradition is Israel with special attention given to the Ancient Near Eastern parallels, literary structures, social settings and theological themes. This course will also survey the prophetic literature from Isaiah to Malachi. Special attention will be given to the historical background, critical issues, and literary-rhetorical qualities, prophetic theology, and ethics.

PHI 411

Comparative Religions


A study of the history of non-Christian religions, their major concepts, and the philosophical structures undergirding the non-western world. This includes the interface of the uniqueness of Christianity in a pluralistic world.

PTH 110

Ministry Call


Every believer is called to minister in some capacity. The Bible gives many general guidelines for the Christian who desires to serve God. However, you are also encouraged to seek the will of God for what He has specifically called YOU to do. We will only find fulfilment in our walk with God as we fully obey Him in all His instructions and guidance for us. This course will give insight and inspiration to the student to embrace the general and the individual call of God on their lives.

PTH 223

Homiletics: Public Speaking


This is a course on the principles of preaching and teaching the Word of God. The student will learn the importance of preparing to address a class or congregation with exhortations, lessons and sermons for the purpose of edifying the Body of Christ. Several proven preparation methods will be explored and each student will have the opportunity to present their prepared lesson to the class as well as "student-teach" in one of the many church ministries.

PTH 520

Spiritual Formation


This course is designed to provide a theological, historical, and practical introduction to the resources and disciplines of formative Christian spirituality. In addition to exposure to classical materials through integrated readings, students will participate outside of class in a faith sharing practicum, chapel programs, college retreats, and an individual formative assessment process.

SSE 101

Consider Her Ways


A study that obeys God's command to consider the ways of the Ant as an analogy of wisdom. It is set up on a type anti-type drawing from a number of texts on the ant focusing on the ways of the ants.

SSE 110

Spiritual Parallels to the Natural Body (Part 1)


The first term deals with a multitude of basics of the natural anatomy and how they apply to the Body of Christ. This expands our understanding of how the Body of Christ should relate and function.

SSE 111

Spiritual Parallels to the Natural Body (Part 2)


The second term deals with the Head and its relationship to the Body. Starting with what is contained in the natural head, spiritual parallels are drawn. It is extremely challenging and a must for every student who desires to know where their place is in the Body of Christ.

SSE 112

Spiritual Parallels to the Natural Body (Part 3)


The Organs - This course is currently being written and will draw spiritual parallels to the natural functions of the organs of the body. Highlighted will be what portions of the Body of Christ could possibly be developed from their current form to mature into the parallels of these functions.

SSE 220

Preparation of the Bride


A study is the lives of Ruth, the Shulamite and Esther in relationship to their preparation for God's purpose in their lives. In it we draw parallels to God's different ways of preparing His Bride for the Marriage Supper if the Lamb.

SSE 230

The Life of Abraham


This course is a survey of the Biblical account of the life of Abraham, taken from Genesis 11-25. Included is a tour of the geographical ancient Middle East as Abram moves from one place to another. With him we observe the obvious as well as explore the obscure. We meet Abraham's father, brothers, nephew, wife, concubine and children. Knowing more of Abraham, the father of three major world faiths, will encourage us in our lives today. Although an ancient personage, he is not as far removed as we might think

SSE 330

Joshua, God Develops a Warrior


Joshua's assuming position and authority from Moses, the type of a senior ministry, is studied and applied to learn principles of carrying on the vision of another. The proper conducting of spiritual warfare is also analysis, using Joshua leading the Lord's battles for Israel as a type and shadow to learn spiritual principles.

SSE 430

Judges, The Unveiling of The Evangelist


Each character is considered in the light of his ministry and its results. Lessons concerning attitudes, pitfalls, anointing, and results are studied to help ministry today avoid the problems seen in the book. The blessings and danger of itinerant ministry are spoken to as well.

SSE 440

Daniel, Becoming a Man to Whom God Reveals Secrets


The character of Daniel is studied, including those things that point to how that character was developed in him. His seeking of God and relationship with God is scrutinized in order to show us how to build relationship with God The results of Daniel's relationship with God are examined and principles applied to our relationship with Him and its influence on those around us.

SSE 550

Biblical One-Hit Wonders


This course will take you through all of the books in the Bible that are one chapter long. It is a real diverse group of books, but it is a very exciting study, which will keep the student engaged until Jude is finished.

SSE 630

"Job, Tried Without Cause, But, Not Without Reason


A study of Job, a man who learned the ways of God through a series of dealings. In this course, a leader's relationship with God is examined, leading him deeper into a relationship with God and how God reveals Himself to man.

SSE 730

David, Producing Men Pursuing The Heart of God


David's interaction with God and the subsequent relationship as applied to producing this attitude and hunger in the heart of today's Christian leader is studied. The prophetic aspect of David's life for today and its application is also studied. The first half deals with the training of David until he became King over Judah.

SSE 731

"David, Producing Men Pursuing The Heart of God, 2


This portion of David's life is examined for principles of leadership and setting up of a government that pleases God. Because David's tabernacle is to be restored, the life of David is essential to study if we desire to rule and reign with Christ.

SSE 740

Solomon, Beloved of The Lord


A study in the handling of the grace and blessings of the Lord.  An extensive study of Solomon's life will teaching leaders how to handle prosperity and popularity so that God's purposes are accomplished. It will also help leaders avoid the pitfalls that King Solomon fell into.

THE 101

Two Foundation Courses


Jesus, The Chief Cornerstone - Answering the Question from Biblical witnesses, Who is Jesus

Building The Body of Christ - Laying out from scripture, what God says is foundation.

THE 102

The Doctrine of God


This course takes a closer look at God as He is revealed in the Bible. You will learn that knowledge of the Holy is important. You will explore His characteristics, His attributes and His sovereignty. You will investigate some of what God and cannot do and what God does and does not do in our world and in our individual lives. You will come to understand that everything else you believe hinges on your beliefs and knowledge of God.

THE 205

The Supernatural Realm


There is much more to this life than meets the eye. Much of what we are called to believe and develop an understanding of, are things that we cannot see. This unique and exciting course will cover all that is invisible: Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons, as well as biblical Visions and Dreams.

THE 220

The Ministry Gifts


This important course outlines the five ministry gifts that Jesus gave to the church as outlined in Eph. 4:11. The student will learn the purpose and function of the offices of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher. You will learn the spiritual criteria and equipping needed for each calling as well as how to receive from those who hold those offices.

THE 221

Spiritual Gifts: Experiencing Power From On High


Paul told the Corinthian church that he did not want them to be ignorant about spiritual gifts. Sadly today, many in the Body of Christ are not even aware of what these gifts are, much less how to experience and utilize them for their own benefit and the benifit of others. The student will study all nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in 1 Cor. Chapter 12, and will learn how God uses these gifts to empower His church. You will also learn the purpose and the function of all nine gifts and how to exercise them.

THE 222

Gifts of the Spirit


A strong theological position is presented for the functioning of the gifts today. It is presented in a clear non-threatening way.

THE 230

The Authority of the Believer


This course clearly identifies the authority of the believer over all the works and power of the enemy. Jesus triumphed over demonic principalities and powers, then instructed His followers to go and enforce that delegated authority as a policeman would enforce the natural laws. The student will learn the "legal" standing that every believe has in Christ and how to use that authority to enforce Satan's defeat.

THE 235

Demonology: Deliverance From Demonic Power


A good sporting coach or any war strategist would tell you that in order to win a contest or conflict you must know your opponent. Paul states in 2 Corinthians 11, that we are not to be ignorant of the devil's devices and schemes. Demonology will take the student through the scriptures to learn who the devil is, how he and his demons operate and how to resist him and cast the devil out.

THE 236

Divine Healing


Is healing in the plan of redemption? Does God care if I'm sick or is He trying to teach me something? It is OK to go to the doctor? Have you ever ask yourself these questions? Or have you ever longed for the power to alleviate suffering in others? This course outlines the full plan of redemption that does include deliverance from sickness. The stripes that Jesus bore on His back redeemed us from the pain and misery of sickness that came as a result of the fall of man. This course endeavors to give the full scope, from supernatural healing to the responsibility we have in the natural to care for our temples.

THE 237

Faith 1: Real Faith for Real Victory


Real faith is of the heart and can grow and increase in the life of the believer. Jesus told us in Mark 11:24 that "whatever things we desire in prayer, we are to believe that we receive them and we shall have them". We are also told in Hebrews that "without faith it is impossible to please God." Obviously this subject of faith should be paramount in our study of the Scriptures. This course will enable the student to understand what real faith is, as opposed to mental assent, and how it is to be used in the everyday life of the Christian.

THE 238

Faith II: Releasing God's Power for You


This course takes faith to the next level. The student will learn what it means to \"walk\" by faith, how to release faith through the words of your mouth, and how to turn difficult or hopeless situations into opportunities for victory. You will learn about the different levels of faith that Jesus referred to in the gospels, as well as how to grow from one level of faith to the next in your own life.

THE 239

Dominion: Getting a Fresh Vision for Total Victory


This course clearly sets forth our privilege and responsibility to rule and have dominion over ourselves and all that God has given us responsibility for? This includes our finances, our families, and the ministries with which God has entrusted us. The key verse is Luke 10:19, where Jesus told His disciples that He "gave them power over serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy". Through this dominion, God intends for you to have Total Victory in every area of your life.

THE 240

Love: The Way to Victory:

Love is the first fruit of the Spirit. Love is the only law of the New Covenant. Love is the very definition of who God is.  In this course the student will receive the import of the subject of love throughout the Bible, how it is the nature and the motivation of all that Jesus was and is.  Love is the “key” to all successful relationships and ministry, and the most direct way to victory in every situation

THE 302

The Blood Covenant


This course explores the "scarlet thread" that runs throughout the Bible. From the beginning of time in Genesis, it was demonstrated that the shedding of blood was required to cover sin.  God slew animals in the garden to cover Adam and Eve's nakedness. Blood sacrifices were instituted in the Old Testament to type and shadow the coming perfect blood of Jesus. Our entire redemption is based on the shedding of blood. through this course the student will gain the awesome insight and understanding of the price Jesus paid for us, and how the power is still in the blood.

THE 303

The Harvest Feasts of God


The three main feasts of Israel are examined for the applications of their principles to today's life and ministry. The fact that each one of them was actually a harvest feast is examined in the light of the prophetic significance to today's church and the end of the Church age.

THE 310

Pneumatology: How to Be Led by The Spirit


In this course the student will learn about the Third Person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit, and His leading in the life of the believer. Paul stated in Rom. 8:14 that \"as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons fo God.\" You will learn the different ways God leads His church and how you can recognize the inner witness, the still small voice and the authoritative voice of the Holy Spirit in your lives.

THE 311

Understanding the Anointing


This is a pivotal teaching on the power of the Holy Spirit and His ability to enable us for ministry, break strongholds, and fulfill our callings. The student will learn the difference between the anointing WITHIN and the anointing UPON the believer to minister. You will gain insight on how to recognize the anointing as well as how to flow in it to minister to others.

THE 315

Maturity: Growing Up Spiritually


When we are "born again", we begin, so to speak, as spiritual babies. Certainly, god never intended us to stay that way. This course outlines the steps to spiritual; growth with the goal in mind to become strong men and women of faith. As spiritual children, we see the world and relate to others in a childish and selfish way. As we grow, and become strong in faith and in love, we will learn to serve God and others first, and ourselves last.

THE 330



2 Cor. 5:21 tells us that "God made Jesus who knew no sin to become sin for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him." There are two kinds of righteousness described in the Bible. The righteousness of "being" as God has made us new creatures in Him, and the righteousness of "doing", to walk out all His word and His will. Through this course the student will gain the knowledge of the new creation and learn to walk in the power of righteousness.

THE 340

Jesus, Son of Man, Son of God


The first portion of this course follows the passages that delineate the speaking and actions of Jesus as the Son of Man, His favorite title for Himself. In the second portion of the course we find those specific instances were He clearly functioned from the position of the Son of God. Principles relating to our following in His steps on our way to becoming mature Sons of God are applied, as we study The Pattern Son.

THE 350

Survey of Christian Doctrine


This course is an overview of basic Christian Doctrine that is common to most of the Body of Christ.

THE 360

Eschatology: End Time Prophecy


This course contains an overview of what the scriptures teach pertaining to the chronology of activity on earth before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Drawing from both Old and New Testaments, with specific emphasis on the Book of Revelation, the student will study topics such as the "rapture" of the church, the 7 year tribulation Chart, characteristics of the Anti-Christ and more.

THE 410

Christology: The Life and Person of Jesus Christ


From His miraculous birth to His miraculous resurrection, Jesus' story is filled with the supernatural. His was the greatest life ever lived and the greatest story ever told. Every deed done and word spoken by Jesus was proof that God the Father still loved and intended to save this sick, impoverished, oppressed word. Jesus Christ, healer and king, is still the same today. In this course, the student will not only gain knowledge of the life of Christ, but a whole new awakening of the effects of His person on our world and lives today.

THE 430

Knowing The Father: The Father Heart of God


God created man because He wanted to have a family. After the fall of man, God executed His plan to bring His children back to Him through the sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus. During Jesus' earthly ministry, He demonstrated the attributes and characteristics of the Father God. We can come to know Him through Who Jesus was and what He did as well as through our own relationship with Him today.

THE 501

The Nature and Character of God


This course takes God statement concerning Himself and follows those characteristics throughout the Word, expanding on what they mean and how they should manifest in our lives. It emphasizes how God would make us over in His image to manifest it to the world and what that looks like.



   List of Courses Written by Dr. Hurst

2.    ACTS 1
3.    ACTS 2
13.    DEVELOPMENT OF THE  KINGDOM - (Projected to be written)
43.    TEAM MINISTRY - 2
44.    TEAM MINISTRY - 1     


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